Atherton Leisure Centre

Installing safety netting over a swimming pool also provided Prodeck-Fixing with a fresh challenge.  A 60ft cherry picker was required to safely install the safety netting over such a large open expanse.

For a building of such complexity, Atherton had a very short program schedule. Working closely with Apex Steel Structures, Prodeck-Fixing completed the main building one week ahead of schedule.

  • Project: Atherton Leisure Centre
  • Location: Stratford, London
  • Client: Apex Steel Structures Ltd
  • Area: 4776m²
  • Product: TATA Comflor 51+
  • TATA Comflor 80
  • TATA Roofdek D159 BWLE
  • TATA Roofdek D159 Perf. Aluminium

Atherton Leisure Centre is a re-development, demolishing the existing structure, and replacing it with a modern and accessible centre. The project consists of a 25m main swimming pool, a 20m pool, gym and fitness studios, crèche, play area and café. Atherton Leisure Centre will also feature the latest combined heat and power system, turning waste heat into electricity to power the centre.

The project required the need for four different metal decking profiles. By offering a wide range of composite floor and roof decking systems, Prodeck-Fixing were able to meet all of the roofing and flooring requirements for Atherton Leisure Centre.

A consideration for our in house design team was how to integrate the different deck types together to create a continuous area, and minimise concrete loss.

A major challenge for the engineers was in the design of the metal decking over the swimming pool, which is considered a highly corrosive area.

The TATA Roofdek D159 Perforated Aluminium profile was selected as the most suitable product by engineers. Perforated decking; also known as an acoustic profile, are manufactured with the webs of the metal deck perforated to provide various levels of sound absorption.

The D159 Perforated Aluminium profile also required A5 stainless steel fixings to ensure minimum risk from corrosion.

TATA Roofdek D159 profile is also manufactured with a painted underside as standard, making it an ideal choice when it comes to exposed decking, eliminating the need for costly post-painting.

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